Training Room Old School Conditioning

Saturday’s conditioning is sure to get your heart pumping for a solid start to your Weekend!  Stay tuned for Monday’s Workout… we might be doing somethings special!

The Training Room Original Conditioning Circuit!  That’s right… it’s one of the first workouts created!

Here are the Intervals:

  • Rd. 1) 30 work / 25 rest
  • Rd. 2) 30 work / 20 rest
  • Rd. 3) 25 work /15
  • Rd. 4) 20/10 x 2 

You will have 1 Minute Rest between each round.

Here is your Circuit:

  1. High Pull, Jump Pull or Fast Assisted Pull Up
  2. Mt. Climbers Or Crawl
  3. Quick Steps
  4. Squats  (drop, air, surfer, split. lunges)
  5. Crab Toe Touch or Bicycles
  6. Run in Place
  7. Skaters or Side Step
  8. Push-press or 1/2 Burpees
  9. Jump Rope, Rope Flow, or Jumping Jacks

Workout with us LIVE at 8am or anytime after!  We miss you!  Enjoy your weekend!