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Old School Conditioning

2 Minute Torture PLUS 250!

There’s a twist on one of our classic 2 Minute Torture Workouts and we can’t wait to share it with you Monday!  We hope everyone had a great weekend whatever your plans or schedules.  We are ready to go for another awesome week of training and NEW Workouts!

Here’s what we have for Monday…

2 Minute Torture + 250 Meters

After a nice long effective warm up… we will set the clock for 25 Minutes!

How many QUALITY rounds can you clock in?!

  • 5 Burpees
  • 10 Snatches or Snatch Pulls
  • 15 Mountain Climbers (each leg)
  • 20 Swings
  • 250 meters Cardio (rower, bike 500, ski, run building, 50 quick steps, JR/JJ…)

Choose one good stretch (Pigeon, Hammy, Quad, Shoulder) and hold it for 90 seconds or more each side!  YES!  You will feel better for it!

HOME WORKOUT & Video: Conditioning Quadruplets

30 work /15 rest x 4 rounds

Quadruplet #1

  • High pull or jumping pull ups
  • Squat press or squat thrust
  • Knees 2 chest or bicycles
  • Cardio choice

REST 2 Minutes

Quadruplet #2

  • Chair steps or smaller steps
  • Crawl or plank
  • Lateral steps or skaters
  • Cardio choice

Finish with 1 Time through each exercise 20 work /10 rest!


Here’s the follow along for home…