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This is always a great way to get your conditioning on before the weekend.

We still love interval training for it’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Interval training is a great way to get the job done in minimal time while reaping the benefits of all day calorie burning!

This comes in handy during the holiday season when you may not be on your best behavior.

Our Holiday Open House is tonight at 5pm!

It looks like Tommy J was at the gym last night prepping the room for some type of special lighting for our open house.

This should be interesting!

Today’s Milkman Special!

Four rounds of  Old School Conditioning Circuit.

Intervals are as follows: All out effort!

  • Round 1: 30/25
  • Round 2: 30/20
  • Round 3: 25/15
  • Round 4: 20/10

The Circuit:

  • Jumping or kipping pull ups
  • Drop squats or air squat
  • Mountain climbers or bicycles
  • Fast step ups
  • 1/2 burpees or knee tucks
  • kettlebell snatch pulls
  • slam ball
  • jump rope or jumping jacks

See you tonight!!