Old school supersets for strength!

As far as we’re concerned, old school supersets are the most efficient way to strength train.

As you’re working one muscle group, you’re allowing the others to recover without waisting time sitting around.

The constant movement also will keep your heart rate elevated for a little bonus cardiovascular benefit.

The Training Room is not a place to sit around (unless you’re chilling out in the courtyard post workout or event)

Here are your strength supersets for Wednesday!

30/30 Strength Supersets

Superset 1

  • Press choice such as shoulder press, landmine press, chest press or push ups
  • Swings or deadlift choice

Superset 2

  • Goblet squat
  • Pull choice such as ring Row, pull ups, kettlebell or dumbbell row

Mini circuit finisher

30/20×4 rounds

  • Bi’s
  • Tri’s
  • abs
  • cardio choice

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Have yourself a day!