Hey Friends!

Hope you are doing great on this fine Tuesday…

We’ve got a brand new 8 weeks of training sessions for you…

We kicked it off with two classic Training Room workouts including yesterdays kettlebell deck of cards and today’s Old School Training Room conditioning circuit.

Warm up with a two round circuit warm up….

20 seconds work/20 seconds rest for two rounds of the following:

  • ring rows
  • body weight squats second round drop squats
  • push ups second round half burpees
  • kettlebell swings second round high pulls
  • jumping jacks or jump rope
  • bicycles second round mountain climbers
  • row,shuttle run,ski erg,air dyne or watt bike
Here’s your Circuit work/rest intervals per round
  • 30 w/25 r
  • 30 w/20 r
  • 25 w/15 r
  • 20 w/10 r x 2 (non stop)
Take one minute rest between rounds 1-3 and then blast through the last two rounds with out stopping.
  • Pull ups or assisted ring pull-ups
  • drop squat or box jump
  • Russian twist or bicycles
  • Fast step-ups or jump rope
  • 1/2 burpees or swing set push-up knee tucks (atomic push ups)
  • Kettlebell high pull
  • squat thrust
  • shuttle run,row,versa climber,ski erg
Get out and enjoy the weather!!
Let us know if you have any questions about this workout, or need any substitutions.
Have a great Tuesday!


Here are a few great articles that I posted up on my facebook page yesterday.

This article is very relevant to the way we train, and confirms why we train the way we do.

The other article just confirms more reason why we are not affiliated with CrossFit anymore.