Let’s take it back to the old school.

Thursday is a pure conditioning day for us at The Training Room and a great day to kick it up with an old school circuit,

We ALL love these because they are FUN and effective, so if you’re reading this now, you are VERY excited about Thursday.

If you are new to The Training Room, and don’t quite understand all of the lingo yet, you DO NOT need to worry because we will guide you through EVERY step of the way.

All YOU need to worry about is SHOWING UP CONSISTENTLY and listening to what we tell you to do!

That’s the beauty of The Training Room.

Here is your old school conditioning circuit on a platter!

The timed intervals for each round of the circuit will look like this…
  1. 30/25
  2. 30/20
  3. 25/15
  4. 20/10×2
Here are your exercises!
  • Jump pulls (or non-jumping pull ups or ring rows)
  • Mountain climb, sliders or crawl
  • skaters (stepping or jumping)
  • Jump rope, jumping jacks, run in place or low impact stepping or sand dune
  • swings or wall hinges
  • squat  thrust or slam
  • twist or Bulgarian bag
  • bike or ski:

Show up, work hard and be positive!

FYI, The Training Room is coming up on it’s 24th year of business,

Maybe next year we can celebrate by do a “gym vacation celebration” somewhere!

Let us know what you think about that idea in the comment section below!

Since we are ALWAYS trying to make you better….

Here’s a short video on using better mountain climber form!