Warm up with some joint mobility, body weight and basic kettlebell movements. Practice the movements you will be doing in todays workout.

This will be 5 straight minutes of work.

Make sure to transition quickly from each kettlebell movement to the rope and back to each kettlebell movement.

If you have a difficult time with jump rope, you will do jumping jacks or jog in place.

If you feel like jump rope, jumping jacks or jogging are not intense enough, you will mix up the body weight cals (burpees,star jumps,mountain climbers,drop squats etc…)

30 seconds at each station non-stop.

Switch hands every 15 seconds on the one arm kettlebell movements.

  • Kettlebell swings r/l
  • jump rope
  • Kettlebell cleans r/l
  • jump rope
  • Kettlebell push press r/l
  • jump rope
  • kettlebell alt reverse lunge
  • jump rope
  • kettlebell snatch r/l or snatch pull
  • jump rope

Congrats to Ryan Vaccaro for his seconds Pro MMA victory by decision!

See you in class!