Hey Training Room Friends!

Where are you training today?

Avon?….Point Pleasant Beach?…..Elsewhere?

Today is conditioning day and we’ve got another fantastic training session planned for you.

We’ll start out with our usual joint mobility wake up and then will hit a three round 20/20 circuit warm up that will look like this.

  • row
  • ski, or versa climber
  • bike
  • shuttle run, jump rope
  • Half Burpees or squat thrusts (second round)
The warm up is set up this way because these are the implements we will be using in today’s session.
If you are doing this one at home, you can substitute with any of your favorite body weight conditioning movements.

BTW, the reason we do the circuit warm up is to keep everyone flowing through efficiently as a group.

You will do four rounds of 1 minute work/30 seconds rest non-stop of the following:

  • Bike choice
  • Row
  • Ski erg, versa climb or sledge hammer hits
  • jumping jacks, jump rope or shuttle run or run the stairs in Point Beach
  • Burpees or squat thrusts
Go as hard as you can for the minute interval and recover on the 30 second rest.

Watch the video!

Have a great day!

This is a similar workout using one minute of rest.