Look out 2013!..

The Training Room is ready to bring you all we have!

The Milkman and I have huge plans for this year including the Primal Challenge which will kick off this Saturday at 10 am.

Come to the Avon gym at 10 am for an explanation of what this challenge is all about.

BTW, make sure to check out and like my brother Doug’s facebook page “The Caveman Culinarian”

He’s got some great and very creative cooking ideas that will help you out.

Welcome to the middle of the week!

It’s conditioning day…

Today is very simple.

If possible, you will work with a partner.

If not, no big deal….

This workout can be done solo and with lots of options to choose from.

We will warn up with 2 round 20/20 circuit warm up.

Make sure to include the item you will be using today which will be your choice of…

  • row erg
  • run
  • ski erg
  • air dyne bike
  • watt bike
  • versa climber
For you inline subscribers…..
You can even do this one with a jump rope or kettlebell (swings) if you wish.

We will be doing 1 minute intervals of work with a 1 minute rest between of any of the above with a partner or solo.

Perform 10 sets.

Let us know what you chose.

Have a great Wednesday!

Check out this awesome video from the 1950’s

We need to do our best as parents to get our kids to move their bodies.