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One Minute Conditioning Intervals

Let’s start Monday with one minute conditioning intervals!

Manasquan continues to get upgrades to keep you dry and illuminated!  Avon is next, so stay tuned…

We can always workout inside – max capacity would be 13 per class, so make sure you sign up to reserve your space!

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Monday’s One Minute Interval Workout:

Pick 1 or 2 Cardio Options

  • row
  • bike
  • ski
  • run 
  • jump rope
  • jumping jacks
  • small steps
  • burpees, etc…

OR Kettlebell Sport Option

  • Long Cycle
  • Snatch
  • Cleans, etc.. 

1 Minute Work /  1 Minute Rest or Active Recovery x 10 Total Rounds

Make sure you make the MOST of your work time so that you feel you need a little rest to recover for your next set!


Conditioning Triplets:

20 work / 20 work / 20 work x 3 rounds

Go through each Triplet and then repeat for 2 full rounds.

We will finish with one time through each exercise at 30 second intervals.

Triplet 1
  • Either steps (right) or kettlebell swings (right) or snatches
  • Steps (left) or kettlebell swings (left) or snatches
  • Mountain climb or crawls or towel whips
Triplet 2
  • High pulls or jump pulls
  • squat press or squat thrust
  • Jumping jacks, jump rope etc
Triplet 3
  • squat choice
  • half burpee or knee tucks
  • abs

Monday’s workout video is below!