Bodyweight and Cardio Challenge!

Manasquan’s Outdoor Training is going to be seamless from here on out!  We have the trailer all set with equipment ready to grab and go!

Time for a Challenge!  Cardio and Bodyweight exercises.. as many rounds as you can do in 25 Minutes!

25 Minute Cardio and Bodyweight Challenge

Let’s set the clock for 25 Minutes and see what you’ve got to finish off a GREAT week of training!

  • 125 JR, 60 JJ’s or 250m cardio (run, row, bike – if you have them)
  • 5 pull-ups or 10 ring-rows
  • 125 JR, 60 JJs, or 250m cardio
  • 10 1/2 burpees
  • 250 cardio, 60 JJ’s, 250m cardio
  • 15 air sqauts
  • 125 JR, 60 JJs, or 250m cardio
  • 20 yd crawl or 20 Mt. Climbers (each side)

AMRAP = as many rounds as possible!

That’s it.  Keep it simple.  Go as fast as you can while maintaining safe form on all exercises.

Here’s our follow along video for Challenge Day!  Workout with us!