Partner Cardio Ladders

We’ve got your ten minute partner cardio ladders for Friday at The Training Room!

Another amazing hour spent with your Training Room friends!

This one can also be done solo, but is best with a partner.

One person will work, while the other recovers from their set.

Pick any of the 3 items listed below and have at it….

  • Bike
  • Row
  • Ski
  • Squat thrust
  • Burpee
  • Slam
  • Any kettlebell sport movement (long cycle, snatch, jerk)
  • Freestyle moves

On the cardio items such as row, bike and ski your distances will look like this…

Repeat this ladder sequence in “you go, I go” format for 10 minutes.

  • 100 (bike 200)
  • 200 (bike 400)
  • 300 (bike 600)
  • 400 (bke 800)

If you’re doing this one solo, you will use a 1/1 work to rest ratio.

The kettlebell sport and body weight calisthenic options can use the following rep scheme…

  • 5/10/15/20 Reps

Take a 2 minute rest between each 10 minute set.

Encourage your partner to work hard on each rep or meter!

Have an amazing Friday!