Saturday Conditioning Intervals

Let’s get psyched for an incredible Conditioning Interval Workout to start your weekend right!

Reminder that we have our Warrior Challenge Event on October 30th this year!

We are starting a 7 week Sunday Beach Training Class to prepare for the Warrior Challenge (or just for a GREAT Workout!).  Sundays at 7:30am for 7 Weeks!  If you are a TR Member you can take this class for free.  If not, we have Punch Cards HERE!  Super Simple!

Saturday’s Conditioning Intervals:

You will either work with a partner “you go, I go”!


Go solo and rest for the amount of time that you work for each interval set!

Your Conditioning Intervals are: 

3 x 200m/400m/600m:

Choose 3 different exercises from the list below:

  • Run
  • Row
  • Ski
  • Long Cycle
  • Snatch
  • Burpee: 10/20/30

Here’s a classic “SEXY” Conditioning workout you can follow along to anywhere in the World!