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Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s kettlebell session.

Today we put down the bells, get into some old school interval training and smoke some adipose!

You can work with a partner on this or go solo.

We’ll give the choice of a run, row, ski erg, versa climber or even the Air Dyne.

We’ll warm up with a two round circuit going 20 seconds work/20 seconds rest of the following:

  • ring rows
  • squats/drop squats
  • push ups/half burpees
  • Jumping jacks
  • Med ball thrusters
  • row/versa/ski/shuttle run
Row/run/ski/versa/air dyne intervals with a partner or solo.
1 min on 1 min off all out! x 20 min
If you do the run with a partner, you will run around the building.  You can also set your timer for 1 minute intervals and go!
Have fun and let us know what option you chose.
Make sure to sign up for our fourth annual Marathon Row!!
Here are the details and the sign up sheet is at the gym.

Here’s an old video of some of our people getting after it on the Air Dyne!

Where’s Marine Mike??