Partner or Solo Sprints for Tuesday!

These partner or solo five sprints are what your body needs on Tuesday.

Tuesday is a pure conditioning day, and we will keep this one simple because simple is what get’s the best results.

6 x 500 meter cardio choice.

  • bike
  • row
  • ski
  • run

The goal is to start with a moderate intensity and try to improve your time with each set! 

If working with a partner, one partner will go while the other rests.

Both partners will complete 6 sets of 500 meters on the rower, bike (1000 meters), or ski erg.

If you plan on running, you will run the block.

Doing this one solo?

You will rest for the amount of time it took you to work (1/1 work to rest ratio).

Work hard and push your partner to as well!

Have a great Tuesday!