Partner Strength

Tuesday’s partner strength session will be best if done with a partner (makes sense right).

The whole idea is to work in a “you go, I go” pattern to give the non-working partner ample rest between eah set performed.

There will be 5 different movements involved in this session.

Partners will perform the listed amount of reps per set for 6 minutes of each movement.

  1.  Sled (up and back) or 10 goblet squats
  2. 10 Ring rows, 10 kettlebell rows, or 5 pull-ups
  3. 10 Heavy swings, or 5-10 deadlift (depends on how heavy you go0
  4. 10 Push-ups
  5. Floor/ hanging knees to chest, or crawl 20 yards

Rest 1-2 minutes between each 6 minute set before moving on to the next.

Have a great Tuesday!