Partner Strength and Modified Holiday Schedule

Tuesday is a fun partner strength day!

ALSO, Please make sure to look at this schedule so you know what’s up for the week!

Here’s what it looks like:

  • Tuesday 12/24: Normal morning schedule and NO PM classes
  • Wednesday 12/25: Closed and Merry Christmas
  • Thursday 12/26: No 5 AM class in Avon, the rest is normal
  • Friday 12/27: Normal schedule
  • Tuesday 12/31: Morning classes ONLY!
  • Wednesday 1/1: Closed and Happy New Year!
Now for tomorrows partner strength!
You will switch on and off with a Partner for 5 Rounds at each Exercise “I Go, You Go”

Complete ALL 5 Sets in each Exercise before moving onto the next!

Rounds 1&2 you will do 8-10 Reps as a Progressive Warm-Up

Rounds 3-5 go as heavy as you want (safely) for 4-6 Reps Each

SET 1 (5 Rounds)

  • Chest Press (Dumbell, Kettlebell or Barbell)

SET 2 (5 Rounds)

  • Kettlebell, Barbell or Trap Bar Deadlift

SET 3 (5 Rounds)

  • 1 Arm Rows or Pull Ups


  • Choose a Cardio with your Partner (row, bike, ski)
  • Alternate with 10 Calorie intervals until you reach 100 calories
  • While your partner is on cardio, you can do an ab choice or rotational movement!

Have FUN and enjoy the rest of your holiday week!