Training Room Pentathlon Training

Hey Training Room characters!

Monday’s schedule will be regular morning classes ONLY at both locations.

High school training will happen at 10 AM on Monday morning as well.

We are CLOSED on New Years Day!
It’s great to see everyone signing up for the 8 week reset.

We can’t wait to get this started.

Meanwhile, keep showing up and working!

Since the next Training Room event will be the pentathlon, we will start doing a little training for it.

Here’s Saturday’s Pentathlon Training Session! 

FYI, you will get reset points for participating in the pentathlon.

60/30 x 4 rounds of the following pentathlon training circuit

  • Bike
  • push-press (body weight option is push-ups)
  • Row
  • snatch or clean (body weight option is step-ups or broad jump)
  • Burpee or Squat thrust

Enjoy the weekend!