Perimeter of Pain or Stationary Strength Option

Monday kicks off the week with our classic Perimeter of Pain workout.  You also have the option to do a Stationary Strength workout on a timer!

Training Room Class Punch Cards are available at either Manasquan or Avon!  Share with your friends and families!  Great for those not ready to commit to a monthly membership or who may not live locally.

Remember to take care of yourself and never compromise form or technique.  When we say “Pain” we mean a good solid hard workout!  Muscles soreness is OK, but if anything is actually painful during a movement, it’s time to reassess your movement techniques.  We can help you!

Here’s what the Perimeter of Pain looks like… you will go for 30 Minutes as many laps as you can do!  You will go around the block in Avon and each corner you will perform one exercises.  In Manasquan you will do a similar distance… or possibly the bike path!

  1. Overhead walk /
  2. 20swings or 5,5 SL deads /
  3. overhead walk /
  4. 10 squats or splits /
  5. racked walk /
  6. 5,5 press /
  7. racked walk /
  8. 5,5 row /
  9. farmers walk /
  10. 10 pushups /
  11. farmers walk /
  12. 10 abs or 10yds crawl:

Optional Stationary Strength Workout:

30/15 x 3 or 4 rounds (26 or 35 minutes)

You will follow the same exercises, you will just stay in one area in the courtyard.  Your “carries” can in a small space.

Below is the THIRD workout option for Monday!

That’s right.  If you are still training at home, we’ve got you covered with one of our classic videos!

Strength with Bodyweight or Weighted Kettlebell or Dumbell Exercises.

Your Workout Intervals are 20 seconds Work / 10 seconds Hold

You will do the following Circuit for 4 Rounds (right side & left side):

  • Clean or Superman / rack or hold
  • Press or Push-up / Overhead hold or plank
  • Split Squat / hold
  • Row / hold
  • Walkout / Hold

Repeat other side!  = 1 Round

Your Finisher is 20 work /10 easy jumping jacks or run in place 

You will do 2 Rounds!

  • Swings or broad jump
  • Squat Thrusts or Knee Tucks
  • Air or Drop Squats
  • Mountain Climbers or Crawl
  • Run in Place or Jump Rope
Watch the 2 Part follow along video for this Strength Workout!

Part 1:

Part 2: