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This, in our opinion is one of the best kettlebell workouts that you can do with a large group of people.

Of course,  you will need lots of bells, one for each person.

We had about 40 people in class today.

This particular workout will be run by the class with each person selecting their own kettlebell exercise for the group to perform.

We will go around the room several times, and each person will select a basic kettlebell movement.  The group will perform that movement for 30 seconds.

We will take 30 seconds rest between each exercise.

In that 30 seconds, the next person in line will have to figure out what their exercise selection is going to be.

Some of the basics will include:

  1. Kettlebell snatches
  2. kettlebell cleans
  3. kettlebell push press or jerk
  4. kettlebell front squat
  5. Kettlebell goblet squat
  6. kettlebell thruster
  7. kettlebell split squat
  8. kettlebell one arm row
  9. kettlebell 2 handed swing
  10. kettlebell 1 handed swing
  11. kettlebell high pull
  12. kettlebell clean and squat
  13. kettlebell clean squat/press
  14. Tactical lunge
  15. kettlebell snatch pull
  16. Kettlebell overhead squat

Body Weight movements are included in here as well.

Check the video section for all of those.  I also included a video explanation of this workout.

What are some of your favorites??