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Saturday is Pick your Poison Strength!

Our Intervals will be around 30 Seconds work / 20 Seconds rest to start.  The last 10 Minutes or so being a little faster paced!

Here’s how it goes… We will go around the group for 30 minutes, each person getting to choose an exercise when it is their turn.  We will help you out if you are new, so don’t worry about being on the spot!

Get ready for some FUN with strength exercises!

Remember, if you don’t have a kettlebell you can always use a dumbell, medicine ball or you can do everything bodyweight or with bands, if you have them.

Here is a list of some Kettlebell and Bodyweight exercises that may be chosen during tomorrow’s Workout:  

  • Any Squats (racked, goblet, bodyweight, split, cossack, alternate lunges, lunges, jumping, static hold, etc.)
  • Posterior Chain Exercises (Swings, supermans, high pulls, birddog, cleans, snatches, single leg deadlift, hip hinge, hip bridge, suitcase deadlift, etc.)
  • Upper Body Presses (push press, strict press, push up variations, etc.)
  • Upper Body Pulling Exercises (rows, ring rows, pull ups, renegade rows, etc.)
  • Ab Choices (plank, side plank, bicycles, get ups, windmills, crawling, mountain climbers, walkouts, v-sits, brian’s running abs, no hands get up, etc.)
  • Combination Exercises (clean/squat, clean/press, clean/squat/press, etc.)

See you Saturday!  

Workout with us!  Exercises are picked out of a hat in the video so get ready for some FUN!