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Hey all!

How did you enjoy yesterdays testing!

We want to remind everyone that all this week we will be doing body composition measurements and benchmark testing.

Having these stats will be important when it comes to tracking your progress weather you are taking part in the Primal Challenge or not.

Again…this is a challenge for yourself, not a contest against others.

We are doing this to help everyone, including ourselves, make improvements to our lifestyle.

We also suggest that you take a before picture of yourself and save it somewhere for further reference.

Today’s workout is not a “test”.

Today we will be doing “all body weight conditioning”

No equipment required.

Go through each movmement for one minute non stop until you get through all 5 movements.

Rest for 1 minute before moving on to the next round.

Complete 5 rounds.

  • Body weight squats, squat jumps, or deck squats (with or with out a jump at the end)
  • Sit throughs or Russian twists
  • Jumping Jacks or Jump rope
  • Skiiers, or skaters
  • Bear crawl (forward and backward) or mountain climbers

Enjoy the day!