Good morning!

For some of us, once again, we’ll be going outside our comfort zone today.

Remember this type of training from Phys Ed class, or maybe even high school sports training?

I was probably one of the only high school athletes who actually enjoyed the conditioning aspect of high school sports.

The Milkman feels the same, but he’s soaking up the sun in South Carolina right now.

I’m sure The Milkman is getting primal in South Carolina.

Today we will get in touch with our roots.

Have some fun with this and mix up the movements if you want.

10 minutes of each movement alternating with your group:

  • 5 yard suicide sprints
  • Bear crawls (the length or the room), gorilla’s or squat thrusts
  • Broad jumps or 15 kettlebell swings or low lunges

Here’s the Milkman from 2 weeks ago!