Hey Training Room fans!

Thanks to everyone who came to The Training Room yesterday to help us reorganize the gym.

The place looks great!

This week we kick off our Primal Nutrition Challenge.

Don’t forget about our nutrition seminar that is happening this Saturday at 10 am.

This challenge is more then about just losing weight.

It’s about adopting a healthier lifestyle by making good nutritional choices, getting enough rest and training consistently.

When everything falls into place, we will see an increase in performance, higher energy levels and better looking you.

So, to kick this challenge off…

We will start body composition measurements, strength testing and endurance testing.

Here is what we will be doing today…

Primal Strength Testing:

  • Max push-up test( chest must touch an ab mat and arms must fully lock out.)
  • Max pull-up test or ring row( if needed, can use a band on pull-ups. Fists must touch chest on ring rows)
  • Max rep squat test ( Advanced men use 75% of  body weight,  Advanced women 50% of body weight, Intermediate men 50% of  Body weight, Intermediate women 25% of body weight, Beginners static wall sit for time)
  • Max distance Power Wheel walk or plank w/ feet in the Power Wheel
  • 500 m row AFAP
  • 5 min burpee test.

We also recommend that you take a before picture of yourself and save it on your phone.

In 12 weeks, you will be retested and remeasured.

Remember, this is a challenge for yourself and not a contest against other people.

If  you have everything dialed in, you will see in increase in your performance the next time you get tested.

Have a great week!