Hey TR friends!

It’s interval strength day.

Today’s training session will give you a nice combination of strength and endurance…

This is an extremely efficient way of training.

Start with some joint mobility…

Next a kettlebell warm up.

Here is your training session…

Do 15 seconds of work with a 15 second rest between each set of the following 3 movements.

Take your 15 seconds rest between each side.

  • Push ups (any type)
  • Ring row or one arm kettlebell row
  • Ab choice
  • Kettlebell snatch, or swing (left)
  • Kettlebell snatch, or swing (right)
  • Jump rope or jumping jacks

Go through this non stop for 50 intervals (10 rounds) which will end up being 25 minute.

Let us know how you did.

Have a great Wednesday!

Here’s another variation using 15 second intervals.