Hey guys…

Make sure to tell your friends ans family about our upcoming intro and 2 week trial in Manasquan…

Please share this link.


If you haven’t already, please take the time to fill out this survey.

It is always our goal to make us and YOU better.

The Milkman and I love to teach newcomers our training system and love seeing the results that happen when there is consistency.

We love to design and modify programs to everyone’s needs and work around any issues they may have.

Here’s a video I shot the other day of how I’ve been working around a torn pec muscle (it’s almost all better now)

BTW, this belt may be used in Thursday’s strength session as an option for squats.

Strength Ladder 10-2 reps (5 sets)

Work up to two rep max on the following movements…

  • DL (any variation) or Squats (any variation)
  • Bench press (kettlebells,barbell,dumbbell)
  • Pull ups (any variation)
  • Get ups or windmills(5 sets of 1 rep on each side) or your choice of abs

Finisher: 500 meter time trial (row,ski,versa, bike)

Have a great Thursday!