Quick Conditioning Couplets

Since Wednesday is a conditioning day at The Training Room, we’ve got quick conditioning couplets lined up for you.

We will complete 20/10 x 5 rounds of each couplet.

Take a 2 minute rest between each 5 round couplet.

Couplet 1

  • Ski Erg
  • Swings

Couplet 2

  • Jump rope or jumping jacks
  • Jump pulls, ring rows or high pulls

Couplet 3

  • Run, quick step, or row
  • Mountain climb or crawl;

Couplet 4

  • Bike
  • Dumbbell push press

Couplet 5

  • Skater or lateral step
  • Slam or sledge

FYI, the Manasquan inlet TUG is this Sunday!

If you registered, our team needs to check in by 11 AM down at the inlet.

We are in heat 4.


Next Training Room event…

The Endless Summer Challenge is on the October 14!

Go here to register for that!

Have a great Wednesday!