Quick strength intervals for Monday at The Training Room

As usual, we will focus on the quality of the movement with these quick strength intervals.

The fifteen second intervals allow for us to sustain quality of movement throughout each set.

The idea is to not let yourself go to muscle fatigue and compromise form.

Make sure to get the most out of these fifteen second intervals.

In order to keep this one super efficient and get a lot of work done, we wlll do supersets using apposing movements.

Here are your quick strength intervals.

Superset 1 (15/15 x10)

  • Ring Rows
  • Push-ups

Superset 2 (15/15 x 10) 

  • Prison squats, Hindu squats or squat Jumps 
  • Hinge choice (swing, clean, snatch, dead lift, high pull, wall hinge)

Superset 3 (15/15 x 10) 

  • Ab choice 1 
  • Ab choice 2

Superset 4 (15/15 x 10) 

  • Biceps
  • Triceps

Superset 5 (15/15 x 10) 

  • Cardio choice 1
  • Cardio choice 2

Have an amazing week in and out of the gym!