Ramping up Your Conditioning

Friday is conditioning day, and we will be ramping things up!

We hope everyone had a solid week of training and that you are holding up well.

We will keep the current format rolling, but please let us know if you want to see anything specifiic.

Drop some comments…

We would love to hear from some folks we haven’t heard from yet!

Let’s ramp it up on Friday and have a great weekend! 

Stay tuned for info on beach workouts.

Here’s your conditioning session for Friday

30/20/10 seconds x 5 rounds (ramping up from slow, medium to FAST)

More options will be explained in the LIVE video at 7 AM (recorded)
  • Jog / run / sprint
  • Step up / burpee / squat thrust
  • Lateral steps or skate (slow, med, fast)
  • Plank / towel whip slow / towel whip fast
  • Freestyle: KB sport, cardio machine, JR, or repeat something already done

Let’s have some fun with this!