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Hey Training Room Friends!

The list of Warrior Challenge teams on the board is growing.

Let’s get everyone signed up pronto.

This will make it easier for us to get the important details together for the event.

Ge here to commit!

Thursday is strength day.

We’ve got some triplets

A lot of these movements will be hitting some weaknesses.

Perform each movement slowly and deliberately.

One minute of work 15 seconds of rest of the following movements.

3 rounds at each triplet

2 minutes rest between each triplet.

  • side plank or single kettlebell carry
  • 1 arm swings (30/30)
  • lateral duck unders or alternate lateral lunges

Rest 2 minutes

  • Alternate bird dogs
  • 1 arm ring rows
  • Hindu push-ups (or variations of)

Rest 2 minutes

  • lateral band side steps
  • step-ups (slow and weighted if you’re strong enough)
  • Lateral hand walks

Here’s a good demo of bird dogs Jim Smith.

This exercise is meant to be done slowly with a braced core.