Revisiting the ERG Athlon Challenge for Wednesday.

Erg athlon challenge…

The perfect follow up after Tuesday’s strength session.

You may be wondering, what in the world is an ERG Athlon?

Well, the Concept 2 erg is the rower, bike and ski (ergometer is the technical name).

Athlon meaning we will be doing all 3 items for 10 minutes each, transitioning from on to the next…

We are just full of suprises at The Training Room.

Each ten minute set can be done soio or with a partner.

10 minutes work/ 2 minutes rest

  • Bike
  • Row
  • Ski

Let’s have some fun with this one and do better then we did last time.

Our annual Turkey Day Relay is coming up on Thanksgiving.

This is ALWAYS a great time and should NOT be missed!

By the way, erg athlon will be our February event that will raise funds for Joan Dancy and PALS (for people suffering with ALS)

Stay tuned for registration.