Tuesdays Workout is BRAND NEW!

Roll the Dice Cardio Style!

We can’t wait to share our Roll the Dice Workout with you!

We will continue with these fun and engaging live workouts even after we open up our doors again!

As we plan to open our doors we are also looking into inexpensive packages of at home or outside fitness equipment that coincide with our Training Room workouts.  Stay tuned for updates and be a part of all the FUN that’s going to happen!

We are so fortunate to have such a great crew of members as part of our Training Room Team!


30 Minutes of FUN

30 Work / 15 Rest 

Each Number rolled has an Exercise!

# 2. Swings or Broad Jumps
# 3. Skaters or Side Steps
# 4. Jump Rope or Jumping Jacks
# 5. Squat Thrust or Squat Press
# 6. High Jump or Jump Pull
# 7. Bicycles or Sit Throughs
# 8. Air Squat or Drop Squat
# 9. Run in Place or Quick Steps
# 10. Half Burpees, Knee Tucks or Shoulder Taps
#11.  Towel Whip or Slam Ball
#12. Mountain Climber, Crawl or Plank

OK TEAM!  Let’s see what you’ve got!!!

Going LIVE at 7am on TUESDAY: