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Row for HOPE Preparation!

Let’s take on some Row for Hope preparation on Thusday.

SIgn up for ROW for HOPE HERE! 

I wise man once said “If you are ALWAYS ready, then you won’t have to GET ready”.

At The Training Room, we feel that ALL of our consistent members are ALWAYS ready for just about ANY physical activity that’s thown at them.

Would you agree with this statement?

The Training Room runs these amazing events for multiple reasons.

  • Events are fun.
  • Team events build comradery and long lasting freindships.
  • Physical events and challenges give you tangable goals to shoot for.
  • Give back to the community.
  • Doing hard things is gratifying.
  • The afterparty’s are AMAZING!

Feel free to add whatever you want to this list.

If you have time and want to go back into the archives and watch some video of past events, here are some gems…

ALSO, scroll down to the bottom of this page to watch us train the NJ Bomb Squad Task Force in their full gear back in 2011.

I bet you’re wondering about Thursday’s session.

It’s very simple.

We will be diving in to a 10,000 meter Row.

This can be done solo or with 2 or 3 person teams.

If needed, Rowing can be subbed with the bike (20,000 meters) or Ski erg (10,000 meters)

Let’s do this!


You can also do this workout at home with or without the Bomb suit.