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We’re picking up the pace today.

If you’ve been following our training, you know that one of our favorite things to do is to combine the erg with kettlebell and body weight movements.

We feel that the erg is a great compliment to kettlebell training or any training. If you don’t own an erg, you can always sub with running or biking.

Today’s conditioning workout will be physically and mentally challenging.

Get through four rounds as quickly as you can with good technique.

4 rounds of:

  • Row,Run,Ski or Bike 500 meters
  • 20 kettlebell snatches 10/10
  • 20 Mountain climbers
  • 20 Jumping or kipping pull ups
  • 20 squat thrusts

The Reilly Brothers dig this workout!

Here they are enjoying a nice post workout beverage.