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We’ll be heading outside on this great Wednesday!

Smash the adipose!

We’ll warm up with 5 minutes of joint mobility and a two round circuit to get the juices flowing.

We’ll give you a choice of Rower, Running, Air Dyne bike or ski erg.

Interval Choices will look like this:

  • Level 1: Partner 500 meters x 5 sets each. You go, then your partner goes
  • Level 2:  Partner 500 meters x 6 sets each
  • Level 3:  Solo 1,000 meters x 3 sets (rest 2 minutes between each interval)

If you are taking the running option, 500 m= one time around the block and then up and down main st from Garfield to Sylvania.

1,000 meters will be two times around the block and on time around the building.

Let us know what option you took and how you felt during this workout.