Here are some updates

Another stellar workout today from Jim.  We had 14 hard working  victims today.  The group is growing.

We are definitely looking forward to the nice weather so we can take the beatings outdoors.  It’s getting a bit too cozy  lately.

We will have our new monkey bar system complete this weekend thanks to Paul and Gary.  This will open a new can of worms in the training department.  Jim and I are always  masterminding new and improved workouts for our victims.

Make sure too take a look at the Secret Service Snatch Board and notice that we are taking over.  This is world wide contest of nut cases like us who enjoy the pain of snatching a kettlebell for as many time as we can in ten minutes.

Click here for the SSST Board.  We have five women in the top eleven plus Jim and I are both in the top ten.