Happy Saturday Avon and Point Pleasant Beach!

I looks like a great weekend ahead.

Make sure to get outside and move.

Or, you can come to The Training Room today and take care of business.

We’ll be wrapping up the week with a classic Training Room conditioning circuit.

Start out with  a circuit warm up 

Here’s your circuit:

Intervals will look like this…

  • round1 30/25
  • round 2 30/20
  • round 3 25/15
  • rounds 4 and 5 20/10×2
  1. Battling ropes
  2. Jumping or fast assisted pull ups
  3. agility ladder drills;
  4. kettlebell snatch/snatch pull or air squats for newbies
  5. shuttle run or sprint in place
  6. Burpee or squat thrust
  7. Russian twist
  8. Jump rope or JJ

Take 1 min rest between sets.

Have a great weekend!!