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It’s Saturday, so let’s smash it up!

Welcome to the weekend…

Let’s keep on keeping on….

Nothing super fancy on Saturday, just show up, listen to what we tell you to do and keep working hard.

Rinse and repeat!

It’s that simple.


It’s a Conditioning day.

Let’s do some STUFF!

10 minutes of NON-STOP action…

Switching exercises every minute for 3 rounds.

Takle 2 minutes rest between sets.

Here we go!

  • Jumping-pull ups
  • Mountain climb or crawl
  • Lateral step options
  • Med ball twist or Bulgarian bag
  • Jump rope or Jumping jacks
  • Air squat
  • Bicycles or knee ups
  • Inertia wave, slam ball, or squat thrust
  • Step-ups
  • Cardio Choice

Enjoy the heck out ot your weekend!

Something for home perhaps…