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Saturday Strength!

We have just a couple weeks till the Warrior Challenge!  Are you READY?  

There’s still time to get in a little practice in the SAND!

Sunday at 7:30am… always a great workout with great people!

Here’s Saturday’s Strength Workout:

Intervals: 60/30, 50/25, 40/20, 30/15

During this workout you will try to increase your weight each round!   

  1.  Hand to Hand Swings, High Pulls or Deadlifts
  2. See saw press
  3. Alternate lunges or sled push 
  4. Alternate ring rows or renegade rows
  5. Ab Choice


  • 20/10x 8 sets for 1 exercise (that’s 4 minutes of awesomeness!)

Here’s a STRENGTH Video workout: