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Happy Weekend!

Looks like a great one today. Hopefully you’ll be able to get outdoors and enjoy this awesome fall-like weather.

Just a quick reminder that the Marathon row is next weekend and we would like everyone signed up before Wednesday so we can start working on putting teams together.

Here’s the link to make your $30 donation!

We’ve got a classic TR strength session for you today.

Do a two round kettlebell warm up

We’ll throw in a bar option for those of you who want to to mess around with the barbell today.

5×5 double kettlebell or barbell

  • Dead lift or front squat
  • floor press
  • low back extension (if you did the squats)
  • Pull ups
  • Get ups ( 5 reps each arm)

Finish up with 10 rounds of 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest of kettlebell swings and battling rope couplet.

Have a great weekend!!!