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THANK YOU to everyone who came out to our annual Turkey Day Relay!  It is always a super fun event to get together with The Training Room Family.  We are thankful for YOU each and everyday!

Remember our Nutrition Seminar (FREE for Members) is December 11th at 7pm in Manasquan

Saturday is Strength Day

We will Work 60 seconds / Rest 30 Seconds Stationary for 4 Rounds
Each Exercise will be split 30 Seconds Right / 30 Seconds Left / 30 Seconds Rest

  1. Cleans or Single Leg Deadlift (Left/ Right) x 4 rounds
  2. Overhead Press or Floor Press x 4 rds
  3. Single Leg Squat Variation x 4 rds
  4. 1 Arm Row x 4 rds
  5. Ab Choice x 4 rds


6 Min Max Reps Solo or with a Partner

Choices are: Cardio (row, bike, ski, run), Burpees or Kettlebell Sport

Have a GREAT Weekend!