Saturday Strong!

Let’s have a great start to the weekend with this strength and conditioning workout!

Our very own Coach Brian is Running a special “Event” this weekend to raise money for a local child going through cancer treatments.  Brian will be kicking off a 48 hour Runraiser where he will run 4 miles every 4 hours!  It’s also his Birthday Weekend!  Here’s the LINK if you would like to donate to team #EmmaStrong.You can also text: EmmaStrong to 91999.  Every little bit helps!

Here’s Saturday’s Strength & Conditioning Workout!

Intervals: 60/30, 50/25, 40/20, 30/15, 20/10

  1. Ring Row  / Push up 
  2. Bike or Run 
  3. Swings, Deadlifts or Walking Swings 
  4. Rower, Jump Rope, Jumping Jacks or Sandune 
  5. Squats or Lunges
  6. Ski, Shuttle or Ab Choice

Here’s your Video Workout for Saturday: 

Strength Couplets “On-the-Minute”

  • You will START each exercise each Minute and REST or Active Recovery until the next Minute Starts!
  • Each Couplet is 10 total Sets (5 Rounds of Each).  Be prepared to work hard and smart!  Let’s GOOO…

Couplet #1

  •  20 Swings, Broad Jumps or 10-15 Supermans
  • 10-15 Push-Ups

Couplet #2

  • 10 Goblet Squats or 5/5 Pistols or Split Squats
  • 10-15 Ring Rows or 5-10 Pull Ups

Couplet #3

  • 100 Jump Rope or 50 Jumping Jacks
  • 1/1 Turkish Get-Ups,  5 Walkouts or 15-20 Ab Choice 

Workout with us anytime!