Saturday Sweat & Squan Tug-Of-War

GOOD LUCK to all competing in the Manasquan Intercostal Tug-of-War on Saturday! 

Our Training Room Heat goes off at 1:40pm. 

A reminder to those Tugging: wear shoes with good traction and most importantly HAVE FUN!

Saturday’s Workout is 30 Minutes of NON-STOP Movement & Exercises – Switching EVERY Minute!

2 Rounds of the Following 15-ish Exercises:

  1. Step Up
  2. Crawl
  3. Swing or Broad Jump
  4. Crab Toe Touch or Bicycles
  5. Run / Run in Place (PEGS!)
  6. Skaters or Lateral Hops
  7. Russian Twists
  8. Agility Ladder
  9. Plank with Shoulder Taps
  10. Cardio Choice #1
  11. Squat Thrust
  12. Jumping Jacks or Jump Rope
  13. Wall Ball or Squat Press
  14. Cardio Choice #2
  15. Inertial Wave, Bullwhip or Slam Ball

Have a GREAT Weekend!