Saturday Workout

Saturday is GREAT Day for a Training Room workout!

Let’s get it in and get it DONE!

Have a GREAT Weekend and remember to give our April Challenge a try sometime this week!

It’s a challenging one!

Here’s Saturday’s Workout:

Deck of Cards Strength!

  1. SQUAT
  2. PRESS
  3. ROW
  4. ABS

**OR a classic 40/20 x 6 rounds STRENGTH CIRCUIT!

  1. SQUAT
  2. PRESS
  4. ABS

Let’s do this!

That’s a Wrap!!!

TR at HOME Strength Couplets “On-the-Minute”

  • You will START each exercise each Minute and REST or Active Recovery until the next Minute Starts!
  • Each Couplet is 10 total Sets (5 Rounds of Each).  Be prepared to work hard and smart!  Let’s GOOO…

Couplet #1

  •  20 Swings, Broad Jumps or 10-15 Supermans
  • 10-15 Push-Ups

Couplet #2

  • 10 Goblet Squats or 5/5 Pistols or Split Squats
  • 10-15 Ring Rows or 5-10 Pull Ups

Couplet #3

  • 100 Jump Rope or 50 Jumping Jacks
  • 1/1 Turkish Get-Ups,  5 Walkouts or 15-20 Ab Choice 

Here’s a Strength Couplet Workout Video for Friday: