Saturday’s 20/20/20 Conditioning

Workouts on Saturday are at 7:30am at either Manasquan, Avon or Avon Beach!  Sign up through the zen planner app app!

Saturday, our classic 20/20/20 conditioning gets a little ramped up with different exercises!  Let us know how you like it in the comments below.  If you are at the Beach, things might be a little different so just be prepared for last minute changes.  Have a FUN and SAFE Holiday Weekend!

Saturday’s Conditioning:

20 sec /20 sec /20 sec x 3 rounds (3 minutes non-stop)

Circuit #1

  • Swing, jump, or light weight deadlifts 
  • crawl or shoulder taps 
  • run, run in place, high knees, but kicks

REST 1 Minute

Circuit #2

  • Air sq
  • Knee tucks or sit throughs
  • crab toe or bicycles

REST 1 Minutes

Circuit # 3

  • Skaters
  • towel whips
  • JJ’s or high knees, but kicks, quick feet 

REST 1 Minutes

Repeat Each Circuit again for a 2 Total Rounds.

FINISH with 1 x through each exercise at 30 second intervals!

Here’s our 2 part links for Saturday’s Workout:


Here’s part 2

BONUS YOGA Video for anyone who missed it or wants a quick 40 Minute Stretchy Flow over the weekend!