Short Strength Intervals

Hey Training Room family!

Wednesday is a strength day at The Training Room

As usual, we will have several options for you to choose from when it comes to the strength movements,

We will will use weights, of body weight movements (you can also mix both)
We will work for fifteen seconds on each side, or perform the given body weight movement.

Here’s your short strength intervals circuit.

15/15 x 5 rounds

  1. Pistol or split squat options left side
  2. Pistol or split squat options right side
  3. Press left or push-up (push ups can be performed with offset hands or one elevated)
  4. Press right or push-up
  5. Clean, snatch, hip bridge (Left side)
  6. Clean, snatch, hip bridge (Right side)
  7. Row left side
  8. Row right side
  9. ab choice 1
  10. ab choice 2
  11. Cardio choice 1
  12. Cardio choice 2

Rest 1 minute after each round.

FYI, Wednesday is the last day to sign up for Row for HOPE if you want to secure an event t-shirt.

Here’s that link again!   

Have a great Wednesday!

Here are some cool single leg options that you should try out. You may find them more challenging then they look!