Kettlebell Complexes have got to be some of the most challenging things that we do with kettlebells

Stringing together multiple kettlebell movements one after the other taxes the metabolic system for fat burning and building lean muscle.

Especially when done with doubles…

Speaking of complexes…

Wait until you see what we have lined up for you in the next training block, which starts next week.


Brand spankin new material!!

You will not be disappointed!

Let’s kick this day off right with some classic double kettlebell strength and conditioning complexes!

Do your 5 minute joint mobility routine followed by two rounds of kettlebell warm up to get you prepped.

This workout can be done with dumbells or kettlebells.

Man/Woman Maker Complex 5×5

Start out with one warm up set with lighter bells, then move up and complete 5 sets of 5 reps of the following complex.

One rep=

    • Push up with hands on the bells
    • Renegade row right
    • Push up
    • Renegade row left
    • Hop up to the bells and clean them
    • squat
    • finish with a press

Here’s a review of the Man Maker from The Milkman…

Beginners can do 5×5 of each movement separately

  • 5-10 push ups x 5 rounds
  • 5/5 one arm rows x 5 rounds
  • 5/5 clean, squat press x 5 rounds

Take 2 minutes rest between each set of 5 reps.
Let us know how you did and what weights you used for this.

Speaking of complexes, here is something from a few weeks ago…

By the way, we are working on some killer stuff in the next training block that will knock your socks off!