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Simple Strength and Conditioning Supersets

The Training Room likes Simple strength…

Because keeping things simple and consistent is how results happen!

Tuesday is a STRENGTH day plus we WILL have this weeks Training Room Challenge lined up for you.

You’re gunna LOVE this one!

Did you know that ROW for HOPE is scheduled for May 15!

Registration is OPEN! 

Here’s a video from 2009 that you may enjoy!

Back then, we used to row an entire marathon distance.

Stay tuned for this weeks challenge!

If you are having knee or achilles pain and want stronger feet, or better balance?

Give this squat variation a try at home or at the gym!

Body Weight Strength Couplets

15 seconds work/15 seconds rest for 10 rounds of each couplet.

Move with a purpose!

Control the movements and do them right.

Couplet 1
  • Ring row
  • Push-ups (add weight with chains or bands, or just do them SLOWLY)
Couplet 2
  • Body weight squat options (get that good range of motion)
  • Body weight hinge (video) or superman/bird dog
Couplet 3
  • Abs (slow or fast options). Crawling is ALWAYS an option.
  • Cardio (sled can be option)

After we complete ALL 3 couplets, we will do a 5 round circuit of ALL 6 exercises, OR, you can bang out this weeks challenge as a finisher! (TBA)


Here’s one for home!

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