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Hey Training Room family!

How was your weekend?

We will kick off the week with a very simple strength/power session and will give you a few options on the movements.

Warm up with a two round kettlebell warm up…

You will do 5 sets of the following movements

  • Heavy snatch L/R or one handed swing L/R (choose the higher rep scheme)
  • Heavy push press or jerk L/R
  • Heavy 1 arm row
  • Heavy get up 5 x 1r/1l or choice of abs (power wheel, hanging, walkouts etc..)

You will have two different choices in rep schemes…

You will do either 5×5 or 1×10, 1×6-8, 3×4-6

If you are doing swings, choose the higher reps.

You can also circuit through this or complete all the reps of each movement alternating with a partner before moving on to the next.