Dumbbell, Kettlebell or Body Weight Complexes

Complexes are super simple yet an extremely effective way of training both strength and conditioning.

These complexes can be done with either 1 or 2 dumbbells or kettlebells.

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20 seconds work/20 seconds work/20 seconds rest 
5 rounds

Rest can be take by holding the bell in off the ground or putting it down.

  • Kettlebell or dumbbell clean R/L
  • Kettlebell or dumbbell split squat or reverse lunge R/L
  • Press R/L
  • Single leg dead lift or body weight hinge
  • 1 arm row R/L
  • Abs (40 seconds) or cardio choice

Body weight options (do each exercise for 40 seconds) 

  • Hip bridge
  • Lunge or split squat R/L
  • Push up (any kind)
  • single leg hinge R/L (also add bands for resistance)
  • Body weight rows
  • Abs or cardio choice

FYI, complexes can also be done for reps non-stop for more conditioning.

Have a great Tuesday!

Here’s a good example of a complex